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Why Christian Bros?

Moving America


Christian Bros

Christian Bros was a dream and the topic of many conversations between two men who know how important transportation is to the American daily life. 

It was their belief that if an organization was formed for the betterment of the small family operator, under one umbrella, all would benefit from booking, dispatching, billing, collection and equality then opportunities would exist for everyone from the customer to the operator. 

Christian Bros LLC has become an industry powerhouse working with the PGA tour, Texas Rodeo, Formula Racing, FEMA emergency evacuation responder and more.  Christian Bros has three office locations across the country with a network of hundreds of charter buses to provide safe and reliable transportation. 

Our goal is to grow and service the small operator in as many locations as possible.


Christianity - A belief in the lord, following in his footsteps and sow the seeds of christ.


 To unify a group of operators for the betterment of their business and service to the clientele.


To provide high quality transportation to all customers no matter the circumstances in which they ride. And to ensure all operators are treated equally and fairly.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

To provide a service to our clients that is affordable, comfortable, and enjoyable.


Supporting our Christian Brothers in servicing their customers.

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